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On screen config errors for vanilla content (vanishing vanilla config entries) and breaking loadingScreen by such errors.
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All data, I was able to gather is described in detailed way on BI Forums:

(too big data to paste here). It was spotted first time on A3 1.44 and keep happening to me on 1.48. It happens also for editor preview. Changing A3 profile makes no difference, Arma files integrity confirmed.

If still not present after several tries, note: most of these errors are not confirmed by other Pilgrimage players, I asked, while for me it happens often in "random" manner. Except "Inventory" error, confirmed by many.

On the side note would be great, if such kind of error wouldn't break loadingScreen, which force all further initialization under simulation pending with extreme performance consequences for heavy init code.


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Run Pilgrimage mission ( via scenarios menu. Note described issues along initialization after intro sequence (skip the intro). If not present - repeat.

It's possible, but not certain (my observations suggest that), some of these issues may require previewing Pilgrimage mission in editor first. Here's unpacked version:

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Using -maxMem=8192 startup parameter (I have 16 GB of RAM, lower value may be enough) seem to fix problems with vanishing config entries - no more such errors in the next 10 attempts and smoother mission init BTW, so looks fixed that way in that part so far.

I too can say I was having this issue and it was resolved using the maxmem parameter