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Performance spikes due to to software process management design issues - general
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Hi Dev type dudes. Although performance is going in the right direction and I still love the Arma series. would it be good to rethink about the process delivery from concept to actual to end user. Some old coding technics regressed from Arma 1 and 2 still may be workarounds in arma 3. At some point this would be good to evolve into a new clean code baseline i.e. arma 4 designed from the ground up with none of the previous failings or workarounds. Easy pep's, right! So to get Dev dudes and other meaningless MOD dudes in to the right frame of mind for a bulletproof arma 4 design what steps would we need to take? I, We, arma family have learned a lot this year and Dev seams strong. I would like to start a parallel universe discussion group for does and don'ts for arma 4. From the gamers, Modders and devs to really highlight the strength's and weakness of the current Rev and a wish list for the new Rev (in terms of code or process design of the engines, scripts etc..)


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install and play arma 1, 2 and 3. Enjoy playing the series but dislike some bugs that seam frequent and can appear in all the Revs of the arma series

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Try and be positive and open about your suggestions. Even if it is meaningless and promotes Arma style hate. The info is key to perfection. I can give you 10 good suggestions a day and easily a hundred bad suggestions a day, which will produce perfection the quickest?

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