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Stacked EVHs are not resetted when leaving/joining a server
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Currently I have a lot of false positives threw scripts.txt because users are joining with stackedeventhandlers, e.g. player tags from altis life, because they don't get resetted on joining/leaving a server.


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Start a hosted server session, add a "oneachframe" stacked eventhandler, disconnect and rejoin. Run this in console:
hint str (missionNameSpace getVariable ["BIS_stackedEventhandlers_oneachframe" []]);

Additional Information

Currently I'm running this code to reset all stacked eventhandlers on player join/leave:

_event = _x;
_namespaceId = "BIS_stackedEventHandlers_";
_namespaceEvent = _namespaceId + _event;
_data = missionNameSpace getVariable [_namespaceEvent, []];

		private "_itemId";
		_itemId	= [_x, 0, "", [""]] call BIS_fnc_param;
		[_itemId,_event] call bis_fnc_removeStackedEventHandler;

} forEach _data;
} forEach ["oneachframe", "onpreloadstarted", "onpreloadfinished", "onmapsingleclick", "onplayerconnected", "onplayerdisconnected"];

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stop using them ... they are garbage anyway
those "stacked EHs" are BS anyway
onEachFrame => "Draw3D"
onPlayerDisconnected => "HandleDisconnect"
onPlayerConnected => init.sqf if(!isDedicated && hasInterface) then {...}

onpreloadstarted & onpreloadfinished are kinda useless anyway as there is no real need for them

only thing that is still lacking some way of doing different is onMapSingleClick ...