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Terrain Builder Crashes when working with 8192 Height Maps
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I have a 1.5GB XYZ 8192x8192 height map that I am trying to get into Terrain Builder. It loads the XYZ file and shows it on screen but as soon as I try and build the terrain, Terrain Builder crashes.

I am running the Dev branch of the tools. Standard branch is way too unreliable and crashes more often that the Dev branch tool set.


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Add Sat Image, Add 8192x8192 Height Map (approx 1.5GB in size) Hit Rebuild Terrain.

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As someone who has tried working with an 8192 x 8192 heightfield as well, it's hopeless. It eventually got to the point where I wasn't even able to open Buldozer without Terrain Builder freezing or crashing, so I was forced to revert back to a heightfield of 4096 x 4096 to continue working on it.

Yeah agreed. They should either remove it or make it work. Its very frustrating having to deal with such low fidelity height maps on larger terrains.

Never had a problem using that Size other than the sheer wait for processing.

Obviously its the cell size that is usually the issue in most cases , whilst the number of Faces never changes with cell size , The amount Viewable on the screen does if the cell size is small . A 1.5 gb Greyscale Heightmap seems very exxcessive so i must assume its either very very detailed or maybe its got something wrong.
If its detailed and your suing a small cell size then you need to be giving things around 5- 12 hours to crunch in my experience , whilst its not acceptable it is possible .

Its best to reduce View distances etc in Bulldozer and Game before loading too .

5-12 hours, holy crap. That is a very long time to wait for processing only 1.5GB of data. Looking at the CPU and RAM when attempting it doesn't appear the PC is doing anything.