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Virtual Garage - Add cargo to vehicles - Feature request
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Might it be possible to implement the ability to add cargo to vehicles using the Virtual Garage?

I find the Virtual Arsenal incredibly handy for kitting out the soldiers I'll place in the editor, without having to remember lots of classnames.

It would be nice if I could also kit out vehicle inventories using it, instead of having to go through the rigamarole of searching for classnames.


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EG, I'm making a mission with vehicles:

Load up truck in Virtual Garage

Fill its inventory with weapons, etc.

Export it

Place truck in the editor.

Import details

Truck now has full boot (or 'trunk').

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Hello, please take a look into the EDEN 3D-Editor (in the development branch for now).

There you can edit the equipment storage of all kind of land vehicles and choppers without the use of script commands and classnames.

Best regards