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Strange crash regarding a weapon
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Hi, I'm working on an XM25 and for some reason whenever I equip the weapon, my game crashes to desktop with a memory error very similar to the old VR Arsenal one on devbranch a week ago. {F26596}


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  1. Open Arma 3
  2. Enter arsenal
  3. Equip weapon

I can send the .pbo to someone over forums if they need to test it.

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that log you attached is related to Launcher crash, which crashed right after the game crashed. I take a look into Launcher problem, someone else take a look into the game crash. For the game issue, please attach game logs: - How to report a crash.

I've removed the additional information because it was a duplicate of an attached file.

I'm having issues with the feedback tracker's file upload so I've uploaded the crash files else where.!TwJnxZbB!mr5iT_RpUAklupZF8rIXUiaQYM01qi0ip1agICoijnY

UPDATE: I believe it's a model issue, I disabled the original shadowVolume but I'm not sure... It works in game now and doesn't crash. Should I send the files of the weapon for testing?