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ghillie attachment for weapons
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Just like in Arma 2, we had sniper rifles with ghillie netting on the weapons themselves and in Arma 3 we do not. As an idea, instead of creating weapons with the ghillie embedded, make it an attachment for say the laser/flashlight or bipod slot so it can be applied to any rifle that allows said slot. As an additional idea, maybe use physx or some sort of draping tech to make it flow over the weapon like fabric (the idea is a stretch I know); but the way the Marksmen DLC's ghillie suits are modeled would do great none the less for this.


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Thank you so much for this amazing game, I cannot wait to see what this turns into as the years go by.

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Agreed. New Full Body Ghillie suits are great and only thing that stands out is a weapon. I would say attachment in slot of Laser Pointer/Flashlight or maybe Bipod variants which adds ghillie wraps on a weapon.

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Seperate Ghillie weapon model could be easier to create.
Just like GL version of assault rifles have seperate model instead of GL attachment.

And yes, many times it's the snipers long rifle that makes them easier to spot.

E: Another example is the ghillie helmet model