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[1.48rc] different control/movement bugs and glitches
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Today I tried 1.48rc on Dwarden's CHIMERA Server. I observed these control/movement bugs:

  1. standing with a lowered pistol and switching to the binoculars makes your character go prone
  2. walking/running forward (keeping "w" pressed) and switching between 1st and 3rd person view stops your character. You have to release "w" and press it again to keep walking.
  3. you cannot switch weapons while walking/running... ;-( But you can reload.
  4. In the towers, you can hardly use some stairs. You often keep hanging on an invisible wall at the first step... Different retries are needed, running (holding "shift") helps.


  1. walking with lowered pistol against a wall (pressing "w") and then stopping (releasing "w") makes your character being pulled into the wall. Pressing "s" then makes your character go through the wall. Can be reproduced on many walls/doors...

P.S.: I think some (if not all) of these bugs/glitches are also present in 1.46, so they seem to be no real regressions. But they still are annoying bugs...


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Hello, issue 1. is fixed in 1.49 DEV branch and will be part of stable 1.50 update. Working on other parts - however some of the issues are technically complicated and I have no ETA yet.

Thank you for your feedback and have a very nice day!

With glitch about geting into the wayy it works with stones as well. As of the issue nr 3 its one of most rated issue to fix since two years, but as burkhar says its complicated. Walking in buildings should be fixed and it would be get rid of the stone problems as wel


I can confirm that issues 1. and 2. are fixed in 1.50rc. For issue 3., there exists an other ticket (as mentioned by Fighting Power). And the mentioned glitch is at least more complicated now:

Walking with lowered pistol against a wall and stopping there still makes the character to be slightly pulled into the wall, but simply pressing "s" afterwards is not sufficient anymore. You have to press "a" or "d" to walk sideways and use the mouse to rotate the body through the wall.

So I think the "correct" fix would be to _not_ make the character being pulled into the wall at all...

As the first three issues are fixed/duplicates, you might either close this ticket or keep it open to track the fixing of the glitch.

P.S.: Thank you very much for fixing the first two issues already! *thumbs up*

Unfortunately, todays version of 1.52rc reintroduced issue 2. I hope this change will be reverted again for the 1.52 final.

OK, todays version of 1.52rc (1.52.132483) has fixed issue 2 again. Thanks!
P.S.: None of your change logs seem to mention this fix. Did you fix this unintentionally? ;-)