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Add Holster Keybind in Controls Now That We Have Visual Pistol Holster
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As the title reads, it would be nice to be able to holster my pistol instead of holding it all the time, and now that it's actually modeled into the holster, it'll look really nice, and become functional. Adding a key-bind in controls will allow people to set a holster key to ensure they're not pointing a gun everywhere 24/7.


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You should also be able to put your primary weapon on the back with the same key. Hands free on demand.

Yes please!

Even though I'd already seen a ticket like this *cough* ~duplicate~ *cough*.

@SilverDude Hehe, i was unaware, guess i should have searched, but the the addition of this shouldn't be complicated to add in game at all, would be another little touch to make things feel just that much better.