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Guns without scopes doesn't work right with iron sight
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So hellou, I seen this so many times in streams and live so it has to be a bug or something. Peoples shoot with iron sight at couple of shots the another player dead who was like a little bug sh*t in screen and moving. The guns ballistic has something wrong i guess. Like ghost code to auto-aim before you take it out on option menu and game.

There seems to be like people shoot giantigic slugs in the target. No matter what is the distance or what kinda assault rifle it is. I seen mostly it happen on AKM.
Not all the time or close distance but sometimes.


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Game Physics
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Check videos on youtube, ridiculous
I can give a link's if needed.

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I'm Breaking Point player mostly but i think this is orginal arma problem. maybe
Please say so if it is not true

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AKM is a mod weapon, Breaking Point is a mod. If it's not a bug you have experienced in vanilla ArmA 3, you shouldn't even create a ticket about it.

Adam added a comment.Jul 7 2015, 8:28 AM

Hey, as Seifer stated AKM is not a vanilla gun. If the issue is indeed in vanilla game and reproducible please make a new ticket. Thank you.