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Client Crash before Briefing
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A client connected to dedicated server crashes immediately going from Lobby to briefing screen with error message.

The missions load normally on client/Server initially. Eventually that environment started crashing too.

Issue started with today's Dev Branch ver 1.47.131402
So far:
Two other clients with older hardware and different Arma settings do NOT crash.
While trying to narrow down the problem, I had two Headless client crashes and one dedicated server crash.
-verified integrity of files on server-->passed

On crashing client:
-Run sfc /scannow-->no issues found
-Run mdsched on RAM-->no errors found
-Updated Nvidia driver from 152.86 to latest 153.30
-Verified file Integrity-->found and corrected one file but the issue still persists
-Checked and unchecked: hyperthreading, Max Memory setting and Ex threads with no effect on issue
-Went back to Standard version. Cannot reproduce the problem.
-Reverted back to Dev branch and the problem reappeared.
-Downgraded Nvidia drive to 147.88-->no change. Crash and error persist. {F26559} {F26560}


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This might be just this issue over here: (speaking of briefings and stuff..). Maybe not.

Adam added a comment.Jul 7 2015, 8:02 AM

Hello, it seems you are experiencing Access violations. You can find potential fixes for the issue here:

Thank you for your feedback.

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Issue is almost fixed. No crashes anymore, just the smoke grenade error as stated in 0024672.