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Kajman AFM stall crash because of not enough lift power
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When I fly a Kajman in editor, stable power output is too high in my opinion. about 70%. This helicopter is quite heavy, resulting in random stalling while turning in combat moves. You cannot operate it safely below few hundred meters. It will crash very quickly.

I'm pretty sure this is not intended, as it should fly as heavy as a Mi-24.
All the helis where tryed the same way, none stall and crash like that.
The issue is in fact that you can't use a Kajman with AFM for close ground combat


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Steps To Reproduce

Enable AFM: Autotrim=ON, Wind=off, rough landing=on
Start editor, create empty Kajman create a player unit. Preview:
Take of, take 300m. Vario +7/8ms^-1
Stabilize height: Need 70% power
Cut collective to loose about -15m/s
Put half or more collective: Variometer isn't going to positive anymore. Stuck at -7ms. Kajman is stalling and crash soon after.

Additional Information

Only way to recover from a stall is to get lift. Start stalling way above ground (300m) put nose down to get ground speed, cut collective. Wait as long as the rotor is not at maximum speed, then put collective up not too fast.

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Adam added a comment.Jul 1 2015, 9:32 AM

Hello, i was unable to reproduce the issue. Does it happen everytime you pilot kajman or just sometimes?

It did happen every time, I was surprised to find such an obvious issue, let's hope it was only Steam files corruption.

Cannot comply at the moment, A3 is uninstalled for now.
Thank you, sorry for not responding fast.

Edit reinstalled Arma3 and it seems to be ok. Except autohover which lead to crash.
Edit2 According to youtube very few pilots use afm for kajman. Friend told me to give it a longer try, now I can't fly without.
I don't know how to record yet.
I won't feel offensed if you close it.

Agreed, Kajman stalls way to easily with AFM, moreover it's super hard to control the power with a keyboard, a little too high the heli goes up, a little too less the heli stalls.

Can't we have the AFM activated without the control of the power ?

Definitly AFM is not meant for a keyboard, thats too bad cause Bohemia did a great job to improve helos realism, but really unplayable with keyboard.