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After "End Game" mission BattlEye Script Restriction 4
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After joining an official "End Game" server you cannot join a King of the Hill server: you get kicked by Battleye with the message "Script Restriction 4".

You must restart Arma to join the koth server.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Start Arma without any mods
  • Join official End Game Server (in my case the server was empty)
  • Go to blufor
  • Wait until you are spawned
  • Disconnect
  • Connect to a hostile takeover king of the hill server
  • Kick happens

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has nothing to do with the game itself, but rather that specific server is using filters that are blocking a script because something inside it was detected by the server-side filters and the rule for it was to kick you.

My guess is that some variables/scripts of the end game mission (an official mission => part of the game) do not get removed after the mission ends.

Therefore I reported it so the devs can decide if this requires a change.

This is a legit request. Something is not reset between missions and this needs to be looked at by devs.

probably uinamespace or some other namespace not beeing cleared.
Its super annoying, not only for this server but for every server manager