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When SPAWN AI , CLIENT Lag also with 45 fps ...
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Also if my server do from 30 to 48 fps every time spawn AI ( Simple Soldier ) in map , client has small shots "stuttering" ...
When spawn ai , client lag for few seconds , also if server do 45 fps and also if spawn only 3-4 AI
My mission use ALIVE .
For Alive Team is a problem of Arma in fact on internet many complain about this.
From Alive forum :
This is my mission. {F26500}


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oukej added a comment.Jun 25 2015, 4:06 PM

Hey, thanks for the report!

To be able to debug this I'd need some more technical details about what in the mod exactly triggers this issue. (how the units get spawned, in what environment)

An isolated repro only with nothing else but the actual script commands that cause the stuttering would be ideal.

Thanks a lot!

The mission is THIS.
Mod used are Alive , CBA_A3 , AllinArmaTerrainPack , RHS American and Russian , Leight OpFor, Task Force Radio.

Mission is on Takistan.
Spawn Civilian and Independent with SKINS of Leight OpFor.
The units get spawned from module of ALIVE " Virtual AI System ".
Spawn on the "spawn radius" settend in module.
In my mission is setted to 1500 m.

oukej added a comment.Jun 25 2015, 4:42 PM

I'm sorry, but we don't have the possibility to debug mods. I'd need the one action causing this isolated - I'd need to know how exactly is the actual spawning mechanic scripted.

We've already tried to ping the ALiVE author about this issue and asked for details.

This same problem is in all missions with AI.
Also in domination you can see this problem ...

This isn't isolated to ALiVE as the author says, it happens when spawning several groups during mission runtime. It eventually gives a stutter on unit creation!

oukej added a comment.Jun 25 2015, 5:53 PM

That probably can't be avoided if the unit's count is high (AI networks get initialized), but few units shouldn't have any significant impact.

I'd still need the exact code used to spawn the units I can simply run in the editor, so we know we're looking at the same thing.

SQF compiled function is called from an FSM checking to see if units should be spawned.

for vehicles...

_vehicle = createVehicle [_vehicleClass, _position, [], 0, _special];
_vehicle setDir _direction;
_vehicle setFuel _fuel;
_vehicle engineOn _engineOn;

for custom groups (we keep an array of units that make up any group)...
_group = createGroup _sideObject;
_unit = _group createUnit [_x, _unitPosition, [], 0 , "NONE"];
_unit setPos formationPosition _unit;
_unit setDamage _damage;
_unit setRank _rank;
} foreach _units;

Testing this on vanilla dedicated, not seeing any stuttering on client or large FPS drop on server when spawning a vehicle, a unit or a group (to the players group). Will try several groups.

Antony, not sure its up to BIS atm. Its up to us to provide a vanilla repro.

Added a mission for test purposes. Slight stuttering can be seen in vanilla when spawning 64 AI at once (8 groups of 8). No stuttering is seen when spawning 1 vehicle, 1 AI or 8 AI to players group.

Antony, can you test this mission on dedi?

Once in game:

press 0 for action menu
press 0 for radio menu

Then choose:
press 1 to spawn vehicle
press 2 to spawn unit
press 3 to spawn group
press 4 to spawn 8 groups of 8 AI

Ok. Tomorrow i will test.

oukej added a comment.Sep 9 2015, 11:49 AM

Thank you very much for the investigation.

Slight stuttering can be seen in vanilla when spawning 64 AI at once (8 groups of 8).

This is probably unavoidable. The best practice is to spawn groups one by one, give the AI some time to initialize its networks