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I'm forced to leave the team leader in Win: Moral Fiber
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In an early part of the mission Moral Fiber, after seizing the Warehouse, the team remount the convoi and head for Pyrgos. The problem is, the 4 vehicles are split up in 2 and 2. I don't know if this is intended by the game developers, but the team leader is in 1 of the 2 first vehicles, and the vehicle i'm ordered to mount ends up in the back group. The distance between the vehicles actually becomes so big that half of the team has to wait for the rest by Pyrgos. When my vehicle is about 200 meters from it's location the battle starts, and therefore the vehicle stops. I never make it to the rest of the team before the team leader assumes i've left the operation... "Mission Failed"


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Campaign Episode 3: Win
Steps To Reproduce

Have all settings on default and play the mission Moral Fiber like normal.

Additional Information

Played the mission like intended, no friendly fire during the mission.

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Adam added a comment.Jun 25 2015, 2:09 PM

Hello, unfortunately i was unable to reproduce the issue. Does it happen everytime? If the issue persists try restarting the mission. Thank you.

I have already tried restarting the mission 4 times, same thing happens every time.

Update: It's not always the same reason for the vehicles splitting up, but no matter what it always ends up like that. Sometimes the vehicles get stuck and sometimes they crash into each other, or some of the soldiers are just late mounting the vehicles. I am always one of the first to enter the vehicle, just to see if it affects the splitting up, does that change the way the AI acts somehow?

Keep in mind that everytime i have tried this i have reverted the mission, so that doesn't seem to help

Another update: I tried again today just for good measure, and it worked! Apparently the vehicles didn't drive all the way to the Warehouse like they were supposed to, and it messed the ai up. Today they did, and everything went smooth. I didn't change anything With the settings, so i have no idea what caused the drivers to act so weird.

This issue should have been fixed a while ago. Please re-open in case you experience the same issue. Thank you.