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CSAT Uniform - No Retexture!
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As you probably already know, the CSAT uniform is as old as the whole "Alien" Campaign/theme, that was scrapped a long time ago. Honestly, i have no idea why the old CSAT uniform wasn't scrapped as well. It looks a bit too puffy, distorted, and looks like old Arma 2 Graphics compared to other uniforms. So i have a suggestion. This is pertaining more to Tanoa however, the thought of a CSAT uniform re-texture seriously bothers me. So, i have gathered a couple of uniforms that would be better suited for any future situation.

Adaptive Fatiuges

Marines Pattern

Special Operations Gear

Most of this gear is Chinese made, which fits with the CSAT forces, and looks far better than what the current CSAT have. This is not a request to change the current CSAT uniform, but rather to give inspiration for future CSAT installations. Please consider this.


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Well actually there is a hidden retexture of this uniform, place a CSAT soldier or someone who is wearing the CSAT uniform in the editor, and type this into their init box: this setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "\a3\characters_f\OPFOR\Data\clothing_rus_co.paa"]

To see more hidden retextures check this out

That's the point. To remove that, and create a new one, that looks far better. A Re-texture would be horrific, and would also cause alot of issues. Being that China is a Super Power on it's own, would not need to share uniforms that the Iranian counter part of CSAT uses, as China manufactures it's very own uniforms. In any case, other forces should be wearing Chinese made uniforms, as China, i believe, does supply certain gear and weapons to certain countries. I'm not too sure about the South Pacific, but this is mainly in regard to the Chinese counterpart to CSAT. Something new, and fresh is needed, not a re-texture.