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ImageToPaa Error by converting JPGs to PAA
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converting JPG to PAA with ImageToPaa dont work. {F26472}


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Start ImageToPaa select a JPG choose Destination and press Process files

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What are the dimensions of the JPG file? Also, what software did you used to save this JPG?

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I used GIMP 2.8.14 to create the JPG
dimension is 4096x4096

Side Info: i Can open the JPG with TexView2 and convert it manuel

It seems to be legit as TexView is less strict than ImageToPAA. Is it possible to get the given file or perhaps a similar file saved with Gimp?

QWER added a comment.Jul 20 2015, 10:48 AM

Hi, @tom_48_97

Problem fixed with the last update :D

Glad to read it, status changed :)

Thanks for the feedback.

Just verified A3 Tools and had to reacquire files. Image to Paa still fails to process files to Paa. Tried image 1024x1024 jpg png and tga. All fail.

Have you started Arma 3 Tools from Steam? When ImageToPAA fails on every pictures, it usually means that the installation is incorrect.

Started in Steam and as mentioned I validated cache and reacquired +/- 56 files. Still not working - so I decided to delete A3Tools and red/l the massive 1.2 GB or whatever. Really annoying.

I can confirm that Image to Paa isn't working - I have just re downloaded the 1.2 GB of A3 tools and reinstalled and tried again. Same issue. I even tried with multiple different image types (jpg, png, tga) 1024x1024 with bit depths. Same issue - if I run check image list the files are all apparently fine to be processed. But fail on conversion. Please fix. Btw A3 Tools were launched from within Steam if that makes any difference.

Update - after some more testing I have discovered the bit that isn't working in Image2PAA. If you drag and drop into the processing list and check the box "Use custom" for output then you get the failed to process notification and Image2PAA cashes. If however you use just use 'Add source directory' then it seems to work fine. Same files being processed and same location.

Could you, please, open a new ticket regarding this issue?
(I'm closing this one)