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Infantry Object Interation
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With the help of PhysX, it's already possible to actually move objects around via. Vehicles. You can pick up a crate, put it on a vehicle, hop in, and drive to another location, of course with caution, with that crate, or any other PhysX activated supplies. This is great, but needs more implementation.

I've made a couple videos in this regard. One is by Sea, and one is by Land. - By Sea - By Land (The only mod used was ACE, soley for picking up the objects and placing them live during gameplay, which is what this request is about)

This would essentially allow players to transfer a medium amount of gear by teh means of in game assets, which would broaden the logistical aspect, and in tern, even provide more options for scenario's, and missions, even Campaigns.

So far, the only vehicle that i can transport cargo comfortably, is the HemTT. It's seat's in the back have a LOD modeled that provide a nice space to hold the cargo in place, which keeps them from rolling or sliding too much, in fact, they don't even slide unless i make sudden or sharp moves, which, is how cargo would react in real life as well, you don't want to make sudden harsh movements, else you'll end up rolling a few off the back. Perhaps in the future with more assets, a few can be designed for the Land/Sea Logistical role, with the ability to walk on, and place down crates for transportation other than by Sling Load. This would provide everyone with new Gameplay opportunities, and usefulness in Infantry level logistics to a new level.


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