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New Proven Feature - Walking On A Moving Vehicle
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With the help of PhysX, it's already easy in Engine to be able to land a helicopter on a moving object, flat enough. There are video's of this, it works great. You can even drive around on vehicles with other vehicles. But, what doesn't work, is the Man Class. There needs to be an in Engine capability to allow the Man Class to be able to move around on a moving vehicle.

Here is a prime Example, of how it can be possible, and even better if the feature were implemented in Engine instead of Via. super script.

In this thread, it's thoroughly explained how they achieved what they did, to get this incredible feature in a game like this. Of course, it's a script heavy thing though, not in engine, but still, it's as smooth as Kieth stone.

Of course though, the Man Class can stand on a vehicle with implemented roadway LOD, as long s it's stationary. Once the vehicle moves, the man class stays where it is, until the vehicle moves from beneath, and the character falls into the water, or on the ground. Of course this feature exists to benefit the Naval scene the most, but can potentially be used for various other things.

While this feature hasn't really been explored, it's been proven by our community, and by the modders who spent countless hours, probably on coffee and other means, in order to come up with this demonstration. This was years ago, and it appears that they're efforts were in pure vain. But this Feature is more than meets the eye, and in anticipation for further investments on the water, this is a Feature that should not be simply brushed off. If implemented this feature would work seamlessly with small and medium vessels. Please look into this Feature, and implement it.


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