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kbTell No Sound Without ItemRadio
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Characters speaking with kbTell have no voice/ no sound unless there's a radio in their inventory. Remove the radio, the dialog text is visible and their lips move, but there's no sound even at direct face to face range. I discovered this because I need to implement the FSM dialog system with civilians, but most of them don't have radios. If I give them a radio, they can talk. The reverse applies too: remove the radio from a soldier, he no longer speaks.

For comparison, I tested this in Arma 2 and it works flawlessly.
I am using the kbTell command. Another user on the forums said he had tried it with the BIS_fnc_kbTell with the same results: no sound without a radio. {F26462}


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Simply play any existing official mission where the player has speaking dialog, but remove the radio from inventory (or put it in your vest or backpack), and your dialog will not occur.

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Hello, this is working as intended as KbTell automatically uses channels reserved for radio. If you are looking to play KbTell over direct you need to do the following:


0 = ["01_Wave", "A_in", nil, "SIDE", nil, [player], 1, false] spawn BIS_fnc_kbTell;

Change "SIDE" to "DIRECT" and it will work even without radio.

Thank you for your feedback.

Please reopen this. I attached a file to prove that it does NOT work.
Without the radios, doesn't matter if you use DIRECT or not, there is no sound when they "talk". I attached a file that uses the official campaign as a resource. If you comment out the first line of init.sqf, you will get the sound back.