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Not correct working Sample: Test_House_01
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I searched for Door Animation for my Addon and had the idea to check out the Samples_F folder from the ArmaTools. First i Buld the pbo form Test_House_01 nad loaded the Addon to check if it work.

Problems i found:

  • Doors dont open (Action is there but no Animation (Animation Config was the part i searched for me))
  • Windows are Black (could be a wrong Texture or smth not imp for me) {F26450} {F26451} {F26452} {F26453}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Pack the Samples_F Folder with the AddonBuilder from the ArmaTools
  2. Create a ModFolder and but the PBO in.
  3. Start Arma 3 with the mode
  4. Open Editor Place the House (Empty > Structures > "House 01 (Sample)")
  5. Try to Open the Doors

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From my side, everything works well (see attached screen). Are you using mods?

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no mods only 1 mod and in this mod the sample :/
... i delted the folder with the house_sample and let steam repair the arma Tools with no success

and first time i get this error: (see attached screen)

Can i do smth wrong by build the addon?

  • Clear temp folder
  • Sign output PBO file
  • Binarize