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A-164 incorrect wreck texture in version 1.46.131175
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When the A-164 aircraft is destroyed in version 1.46.131175 (latest stable version), the wreck texture that is displayed gets incorrectly mapped to the model such that a large landing gear image is wrongly displayed on the port side of the aircraft (see attached image). This happened every time I destroyed the aircraft, regardless of the weapon I used and with no mods running. {F26446}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start the Editor.
  2. Choose any map.
  3. Insert a Rifleman AT as Player (BLUFOR/NATO/Men/Rifleman (AT))
  4. Click on the Preview button.
  5. Destroy the A-164 using any means and observe the texture bug on the port side of the aircraft.
Additional Information

I don't recall this bug being in earlier versions of the game, so it must have appeared with a recent patch.

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Bump. This is a pretty simple fix that would improve the quality of the game.

It is also missing a wreck model since it has been added.