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SoS scope does not zoom that much as other scopes
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i compared 3 scopes the SoS ,LRPS and the Kahlia suprisingly the (most highest zoomlvl) of the SoS scope was not even the slightest near the other both scopes {F26441} {F26442} {F26443} {F26444} {F26445}


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1.go in settings and use the lowest grapic settings you can find
2.go in the editor a sniper a ammo box with several weapon attachments
5.preview and compare the SoS scope zoom lvl with all other

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Clearly its intended for more like medium distances..
We have new scopes with more magnification so why can't we have a few with less magnification?
No point having multiple scopes with the same functionality.
I don't see how this is a problem in any way. Downvoted.

the problem is the destription says 10-85x and 85x is for long ranges and me and some friends just cant use the scope like it should lets say i play against another sniper and this scope of the other sniper works like it should he can almost see in my eyes and i can only see him because of his shape even with the LRPS with 25x zoom

would be nice if they increase the zoom lvl or just change the description just uploaded a new picture hope you change your mind about this problem

oggoeg added a subscriber: oggoeg.May 8 2016, 12:13 PM

Yeah, the in game descriptions are old. They should be changed to correct values.

That issue is already reported #0023195
Actual zoom for SOS is 3,5x-7,5x

youre not helping shields the problem is still there i read the report its just similar the funny fact is you downvoted my post but upvoted the other ? nevermind i just would like to see a fix in the feature thats all

Thats because instead of correcting the stated ingame values, you're requesting for the magnification to be increased for the sos which makes no sense.