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1st person attenuation too much & insideSoundCoef does not change this
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Get into a vehicle, hatchback or SUV for instance and try the horn. Without setting your audio effects to absolute 100% you can't even hear it. Makes me wonder whether you guys ever sat in a car and used the horn, trust me, you can hear the horn when you're inside the car IRL.

In general I find that the the audio reduction from 3rd to 1st person or inside/out vehicle is too much, and it doesn't seem like parameters insideSoundCoef and attenuationEffectType are affecting this behaviour at all.

I'm posting this because I'm working on a police vehicle that uses a siren script (using Say3D) and inside you can barely hear the siren while outside the vehicle it's really, really loud. Me and a friend of mine desperately tried to change the attenuation but no cigar.

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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get into a vehicle, hatchback or SUV, 1st person driver seat and press LMB to honk the bloody horn.
  1. Try adjusting insideSoundCoef and attenuationEffectType config values and repeat step 1.
  1. notice no change?

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