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Give us an option to toggle off vignette from settings. (Currently only Pause key toggles it on/off)
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Just like the headline says. I mean the vignette that you can remove when you press Pause, not all the fatigue effects etc. It's not practical that we need to press that key everytime when playing or starting a new mission (maybe even respawn resets thins I'm not sure).

It's just an ugly effect that doesn't give anything to the game for me.

I guess many don't even know that we have a key for this but I remember this since alpha/beta :P


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Oh at the same time I noticed this toggles off the dev branch version number from the bottom of the screen. I've wondered about that sometimes.

I especially don't like this because for some reason if I've CBA mod enabled, and many mods use that, this vignette can't be disabled... And I bet they've no idea why it's like that.

I could understand it in some photo mode but when i play I don't want those black eye shaped borders in my screen, especially at night when it's so obvious against the blue night sky.

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