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Using a trigger to activate a sector when the trigger is activated by another sector capture casues indefinite loading time
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When using a trigger activated by a sector capture to activate another sector module creates an indefinite load time while previewing or attempting to play the mission. This also includes using the triggeractivated command in the trigger activating the second sector control module. It took me w while to figure out that this was what was causing the indefinite load times (I waited for almost 8 hours at one point before I closed the game). Using the unclock game logic as shown in the "show info" area of the sector control module works for respawns. However when you use the unlock game logic to activate a trigger when a spevific side captures the sector to activate another sector module the mission will not load when you hit preview. You will be stuck at an indefinite loading screen until you exit the game. {F26407} {F26408}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go into editor on Statis or Altis
  2. Place down a unit and all required modules and game logics for a standard sector control mission with at least two sectors
  3. Sync sector A with the unlock game logic and sync the unlock game logic to a trigger with its activation set to the side of your choice

4a. Sync the above trigger to sector B module
5a. Hit preview and notice the indefinite load time
OR complete up to step 3
4b. Name the trigger synced to the unlock game logic
5b. Create another trigger and sync it to Sector B module

  1. In trigger 2's condition box put: triggerActivated <trigger1Name>
  2. Hit preview and notice the indefinite load time
Additional Information

The game doesn't crash nor does it create any crash reports. The mission just simply won't load, or at least it must take a VERY long time. I've been able to reproduce this every single time I've tried and haven't found any workarounds as of yet. I first ran into this problem while creating a a sector control mission that needed the first sector to be captured before other sectors would open up. If you need anymore information please let me know.

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thank you for submitting the ticket. Could you please upload a simple repro mission displaying the problem? It would be a big help.

Thank you.

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Ok I've uploaded a repro mission

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The problem is when using a trigger activated by a side to activate another sector, it doesn't just not work the mission never loads(the loading screen just stays up indefinitely).

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I confirm the problem: if there are developments I would like to be updated ....

Thank you in advance

Yep I have same issue. Seems its a wide spread one based on forums.

I just ran into this problem too. They haven't fixed it in all this time?