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Game crashing randomly after the update
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The game keeps randomly crashing after a short period of playing. First, it freezes, then goes to the Windows. Task manager says Arma 3 is not responding, and I have to manually quit it. Then the I get a info of an error code 0xCFFFFFFF / -805306369.

I have the latest drivers on my computer, and the problem started after the update of the game. Before that I didn't have any problems. Now, I can play maybe 10 minutes or not even that... {F26394}


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Hello, could you please attach your .RPT file after it happens? You can find the .RPTs here C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\. Thank you for your ticket.


The file should be now attached. I forgot to mention I didn't use any mods or addons while playing, so I don't think they are the reason for this. I even changed the video settings to test it, but it didn't help.