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Anim frezze while sitting (cant do anything)
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You sitt and can do nothing...
Animationname: acts_aidlpsitmstpssurwnondnon_loop {F26365}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. No weapon at the hand
  2. Sitdown german key -> ä
  3. press 'w' while sitting (not to long)
  4. now you are restrained and can do nothing
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Very critcal for RPG modes

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also, without a weapon roll left or right on the ground and hold the key.... you will slide over the ground...

While the screenshot I attached does not actually show the loop animation, it does show the first position of the successfully self-restrained character.

Every volunteer on our Altis Life server who tried the "sit down, press any WASD key" routine ended up with the same effect.

In some situations, it could actually be a useful feature to pose your character. But a proper unrestraining shortcut would be really helpful in that case.

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Fixed in tomorrows Dev Branch!


In the meantime while playing on life servers: use your surrender action key combo to unrestrain yourself ... a helpful hint from one of our players.