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Weapons touching wall Animation
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When Weapons are to close and are Blocked my Objects such as walls or rocks for example, an animation of the barrel and the weapon should be pushed away toward the player and the user is not able to shoot till he backs away form the blocking object.

This would add more realism to the game, and also close quarters weapons would have more of advantage in closed in areas where longer barrel guns would require more space and thus requires more maneuvering in closed in areas.


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Add command to weapon scripts when weapon is to closed to wall a animation is preformed and the weapon is pulled toward the user of the weapon and is unable to shoot due to physical object.

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I sent Example how this Soldier is forced to put hes gun toward him self due to lack of room.

Games like Red orchestra 2 have this features for example.

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sorry for the multiple posts I don't know why it did that.

I don't even know why they allowed that update to happen, where all kinds of barrels had become the ability to clip through everything. Even tank barrels.

As the barrels still clipped into the walls, I once fought against two players in CQB. I was only armed with a 'ACP C2'and no armor vest, while they each had a 'ABR'+silencer (which makes the weapon nearly a meter long) and vests.

Well, guess who won?

-Obviously me, because they used their rifles in the building and got stuck with them.

Of course if this gets reverted then your player should at least lower his weapon or in another way, and not just get stuck trying to turn around.

thanks for your comment.