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Sprint Causes Camera Shift/Move
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100%: With no weapon equipped, if Sprint is held while moving and the camera is aimed down, releasing Sprint will force the camera to pan back up.

60%: With a pistol equipped, with the camera aimed down, pressing Sprint will force the camera to pan back up.

It doesn't seem to happen with a rifle equipped. It seems sporadic with a pistol equipped. But with no weapon equipped, it happens 100% of the time, in any Arma 3 mode, mod or setting. Unbinding "Sprint" from any key fixes it. Rebinding "Sprint" causes it to reappear.

This is very annoying when attempting to pick up loot from the ground quickly. Either I didn't notice it before the most recent patch, or I never produced a sequence of inputs which caused the issue to manifest before then.


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Unequip all weapons
Sprint forward
Look down
Release sprint
-Camera pans up automatically after Sprint is released

Alternatively, equip only a pistol
Look down
Sprint forward
-Camera pans up automatically when Sprint is first pressed

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I believe this has something to do with the aiming dead-zone.

I use pedals for helicopter control and setting the dead-zone to zero on the pedals fixed this issue.

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I plugged my joystick in to double check, but my aiming dead zones were all already set to zero when I noticed the issue. I brought them up a tick, and then back to zero but the issue remains.

Sprint without a weapon equipped, look down, release sprint and the camera automatically returns to the horizon.

Hi all,

we are working on fix. I will advise when it will be done.

Thank you for your feedback and have a very nice day!


sorry for late feedback. The problem has been fixed recently.

Resolving the issue.

Thank you for your feedback and have a very nice day!