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Could you please be so kind and fix the adjust stance key?
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I have problems with adjust key


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Works for me.

What's wrong with it?

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It doesn't exist.

It should exist as it did originally.

I know the up/down/left/right adjust stance keys exist now; but they should be complemented by the original adjust stance key.

I used to be able to fit prone and adjust stance up (double-tap) into a single key, but now I can't.

If you want to just cater to me (which is really selfish of me), then you would make the adjust stance keys work with double-tap...

See, there it is. When you actually make they effort to explain the problem, then we have a better chance of getting it fixed. Yelling "this thing sucks. It's broken. Fix it", gets you nowhere. I can confirm that stance adjust works poorly with double tap keys if at all. This is a legitimate issue. The title should be changed to reflect it better.

voot added a comment.May 28 2015, 10:01 AM

It's true I was just rearranging my keys, and saw the feedback button at the top; didn't realize my complaint would show up here.

It's also true that if they addressed the original issue by restoring the original adjust stance key option/functionality I wouldn't have this issue instead of them now having to try to "fix" the double-tap issue with the new set of adjust stance keys.

I'm entirely happy with my original comment the moderator nerfed, "fix the damn adjust stance key", and it's pretty evident if you just google "adjust stance key" (you don't even have to put arma 3 as a search term) you'll find plenty of others share the same sentiment.

It makes little sense to have released a game with certain core functionality/mechanics that players get accustomed to over (years?) and then to magically remove that functionality.

I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a similar case in other large titles.

Where did you want your complaint to show up? The devs would still get it and have nothing to go on.

Sure, add the original functionality but keep the new functionality too. I like being able to bind adjust to something other than ctrl+movement keys.