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UGL Smoke Grenades are too bouncy.
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After an update in the past that adjusted the friction of all grenades in general the UGL Smoke Grenades became extremely bouncy.

Even when shooting against terrain to stop them they will bounce off into completely random directions flying crazy distances.
This makes them completely inaccurate and ineffective, it is nearly impossible to fire a wall of 3-4 smoke 200m infront of you using the UGL.

Not even to speak of marking enemy positions with smoke, unless manage to hit the smoke grenade inside a building or something of that sort it will fly several hundred meters off target.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Acquire a weapon with a UGL and some smoke grenades for it.
  2. Go to editor and try to fire smoke grenades to an accurate distance or radius.
  3. Watch them fly all over the place.

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Is there any news on this? It makes the effective deployment of UGL smoke completely impossible, removing a huge tactical application of the UGL.

Can we get this fixed? it is absolutely insane that no one has fixed this issue for smoke grenades. They bounce like 200-500 meters.

After all these years, this annoyance is still present in the game. Can anyone from BIS confirm that they're aware of this issue? It makes UGL smoke grenades completely worthless.

This simple config patch fixes the issue.

class CfgAmmo {
	class SmokeShell;

	// vanilla 40mm smoke nades
	class G_40mm_Smoke: SmokeShell {
		simulation = "shotSmoke";
		deflectionSlowDown = 0;

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