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Splendid camera - player falls to death after being teleported from ATL and closing camera
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Splendid camera - cannot teleport player safely from ATL (above terrain (ground) level. Eg: from rooftop of a building.)

When you use Splendid Camera to teleport your player from a rooftop location to another ground location, he gets teleported to the same altitude as current altitude. Closing camera dialog results in player falling to his death.

Expected result: player altitude is reset to 0,
or preferably set to cursor object intersection point.


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Steps To Reproduce

Run an Altis mission in editor.
Go to Hospital building (eg: 038-130)
Go to roof top.
Press Esc (for Console)
Select Camera button (for Splendid Camera)
Use mouse to aim at ground away from current building.
Press Spacebar to teleport player.

Error: note that player is teleported at same height ATL as before.

Press Esc and select Ok button to close camera mode.
Fatal: Watch player fall to death from high height.

Additional Information

Feature idea:
If the solution chosen to fix this is to reset the altitude to 0, then it would still be nice to have a way to quickly teleport the player to a high position, like upper building levels.

Another key, like [Shift+Spacebar] could be used for this alternate behaviour.

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Adam added a comment.May 18 2015, 8:35 AM

Hello, this issue should be fixed in tomorrows devbuild. Thank you for your feedback.

Issue can be Closed. Seems to be fixed and working.