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Survive: Crossing Paths - Objectives are not beeing updated, cannot proceed in game.
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In "Crossing Paths" the first objective is to regroup which seems to work fine, I can walk up to the group and the objective is completed. The second is to pick up a backpack and equip NVG, I can pick up the backpack and equip the NVG however the mission is never updated and I cannot continue.

I was able to get past this 1 time out of about 20 however as soon as we made got to the next objective the team just stood around and nothing happened. I waited a good 20 minutes to see if anything would happen because I did not want to deal with the first objective again until finally I restarted.. Now I cannot get past the first objective again.


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive
Steps To Reproduce

All I have to do is start the mission. It happens every time. I have restarted multiple times.

Additional Information

I am currently not loading the game with any Mods. I had never used any mods until after I ran into this issue has been happening for 3 days now.

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Adam added a comment.May 18 2015, 8:38 AM

Hello, unfortunately i cannot reproduce the issue. Could you plese try reverting into your previous mission, complete it and then try Crossing Paths again after it unlocks? Thank you!

I was able to fix the problem by removing the steam DLC content and then reverting that mission.

Good to hear you were able to fix the issue on your own. Thanks.