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High Command and Water
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When you are linking High Command - Commander and High Command - Subordinates to player controlled commander and AI controlled subordinates while they are over water in the cargo of helicopters. High Command will not work when the unit lands on ground. Left Cntrl - Space does not bring up the command module.

This has been around for a while but nobody seems to have reported it so here we are.


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Steps To Reproduce

Place a helicopter flying over water. Place a squad and have them 'this moveincargo helicopter'.

Place another helo with another squad.

Place down the High Command modules for commander and subordinates. Link the commander and the subordinates respectively.

Preview the mission. When the unit lands and takes up positions, try to bring up the High Command module. Never works.

Now move the group over land in flight.

They land. High Command Works.

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Adam added a comment.May 15 2015, 9:31 AM

Hello, i'm unable to reproduce the issue. Could you please provide more info or a simple repro mission?

Thank you very much.

Thank you Adam,

I will do this first thing tonight when I get home.

I was also thinking to turn off all mods.

But I have had this issue since the Alpha.


Thank you Adam,

I ran it with no mods and it was good to go.

I will go through each and every mod (a lot of them) and identify which one is killing HC.

HC is one of my favorite parts of ARMA.