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Groups all not synced with the game!
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Groups are not synced with the game, that means when you create an mission with already predefined groups, in group management everyone will be listed outside the group and that is really big problem.

Another problem is when someone switch group different way then group management, for example script commands. Guess what, in group management it's not synced and player is still in wrong group.

Group Management should mirror the actual group state which is in the game, it shouldn't be separate !!!


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End Game - Dynamic Groups
Steps To Reproduce

Create a mission with different groups and with the group management. You can see that the group management is not mirroring the actual groups ingame. Then try to change groups via scripts, again it's not synced.

Additional Information

This is serious issue with this group management system, and because of this we can't use it in missions.

We require from this system that we will have always have correct information about groups, no matter the circumstances. Otherwise it's useless.

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Fixed and should arrive at Dev Branch today or tomorrow.
See ( for more info.
Thanks for the report.