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Explosive specialist can use explosive when incapacitated in Endgame
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On the newly release Endgame multiplayer mission, explosive specialist can place and touch off their bomb when they are incapacitated.


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End Game - Revive
Steps To Reproduce

Play Endgame Mission
Engage Enemy
Get Shot
Become Incapacitated
Scroll When Incapacitated
Place Any Explosive
Touch-off Bomb

Additional Information

On May 8, 2015 I was playing on the one of the official Bohemia Interactive Endgame server. During this session I joined the slot of an explosive specialist. While in game, I received enemy fire and became incapacitated. While being incapacitated, I was able to place and touch off bombs. The bomb would be placed wherever I was lying and when touched off would explode. Giving me the ability to injure or kill players whilst being incapacitated.

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Duplicate of #0023982
"Unfortunately both of these issues cannot be fixed at the moment due to the nature of the Revive system and how it is implemented.

Thank you for your feedback"