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Emergency vehicle lights
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For some reason our Arma 3 Life server emergency lights and sirens from cars will now only work client side, so say an emergency vehicle is code 2 or 3 the person they're following will not be able to hear any sirens or see any flashing lights


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Go code 2 or 3 in an emergency vehicle

Additional Information

This worked perfectly fine before the update

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Adam added a comment.May 7 2015, 9:03 AM

Hello, is this issue reproducible without mods in a mission created in a editor?

Thank you!

Balu added a comment.May 7 2015, 11:02 AM

Hello, no this is an issue concerning modded police and medic cars primarily used in mods like Altis Life or Arma 3 Life or City Life RPG.

Adam added a comment.May 7 2015, 1:08 PM

I'm sorry but we cannot fix issues regarding mods. Please try contacting the development team of the mod and see if they can do something about it.

Thank you for your feedback.

So what you're telling me is you've done something to break my server of which gets usually around 80-100 players for it to now have major disruption due to an update BI have done?

I do not believe this should be considered "resolved". This was a issue that BI CREATED with the update. This issue should be fixed by BI or at least told how to correct. Regardless if it is a mod or not, they were working perfectly fine before you guys decided to update and break them. Now they only work client side for the person who turns them on and no one else.

This issue needs to be re-opened and some actual help needs to be delivered.

Maybe if you don't want to support mod issues, you should not cause such important things to BREAK with your updates.

Balu added a comment.May 8 2015, 5:57 PM

Ok, we were able to find what causes this strange behaviour.
The value of the "animationPhase" which is used to determine which siren and/or which light should be on is not properly send to all clients. In our example the animationPhase = 0.2 is set for the driver and everyone else receives values like 0.2000767 which causes the switch case(0.2) to fail.

But please Bohemia elaborate why this value is not propogated correctly.

So is there a fix for it?

I have another issue like this and it was assigned this morning. Hopefully a fix soon.

What is the fix...?