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Copilot in planes is able to freelook even if he took control
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In a two-seater plane (derived from Plane_Base_F) with a copilot turret, the copilot can always freelook, even if they took over the controls of the plane. This makes the copilot unusable on planes.

Note that the copilot CAN control the plane (joystick works fine), and if you do this on external view, it works as it should (taking controls locks the view behind the plane, just like the pilot). So the only real problem is the inside view.

This problem is not relevant for the current game assets, since there is no two-seater plane in the vanilla content, but for mods (re: CUP) this would be a necessary feature.


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Related to issue #0023908, but since it was rejected as "not a bug", I'll re-issue it as a feature request, hoping that it will at one point be possible to implement this.

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Your first issue was closed, because you had a co-pilot issue with a non-official plane (modification).

For now, there are no available official planes with co-pilot seats in ArmA3.

If the issue occurs with non-official content, the developers can't (and won't) do anything about it.

Get in contact with the mod creator. He/she wrote the code for the plane and maybe he/she is able to do something about it.

Best regards

Yes, the problem appears with non-official content, but the problem itself is in the engine, not the content. The Plane_Base_f base class DOES define the copilot turret, hence I am assuming that it was put there specifically for custom made content to make use of it (since, as you said yourself, there is no copiloted plane in Arma 3's vanilla content)

I am the author of the mod in question (CUP). I've ported the C-130 from Arma 2 to Arma 3 and it exhibits the problem. I also saw it in other Arma 2 ports like the one I quoted on the original bug.

I understand that the developers can't do anything about the problem in the mod, but I was hoping that this issue could be addressed on the engine side, since I _suspect_ (without having knowledge of the engine, of course) that the problem is rather minor and most likely easily fixed.

Actually found a way to make it work, by NOT using the predefined CopilotTurret. While this is still a bug of sorts, this means that this ticket can now be closed.