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Projectile hit effects not transfered over network correctly
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When shooting at ranges longer than ca. 630 meters spotter is unable to tell how much the sniper has missed, since no bullethole or particle effect is being rendered for him.

Person who is shooting can see both effects clearly, other players cannot. Screenshot provided, from shooters perspective. Line above which the shots didn't render for the spotter is marked in orange.

Issue is present since last server update and I suppose it has something to do with netcode optimizations/LODs.
I remember being able to see bullethit effects on even longer ranges before. Now it's impossible; spotter cannot see dust effects, blood mist or "meat particle" effects after sniper hits his victim above certain range.

This bug renders sniper/spotter pairs useless, as the spotter is unable to tell the sniper how to correct his firing solutions. {F26191}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Launch multiplayer mission with sniper and spotter on dedicated server
  2. Try seeing how far you can see your friends bulletholes and particle effects from

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Hello, i'm unable to reproduce this issue on both Direct Host and Dedicated Server. Could you please provide more info? Thanks!

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Is it possible our server config somehow influences this?

I don't know how can I provide you with neccessary info, or if it's just our server.

I'll try to provide you with a youtube link of split-screen recording, all I've got for now is the screenshot I'm uploading.

Screenshot uploaded.
Orange line marks 630 meters.
My friend, playing as a spotter, couldn't see the bulletholes and dust effects I made while shooting the 2 furthest shots, but I could see them clearly.
He has seen the nearest bullethole and dust effect kick in after hit though.