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Everything is a Bullet Sponge.
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I've played ArmA since it was OFP, and I've kept quiet up until this latest DLC because I really seemed like the only person complaining about it, but this is getting ridiculous. Both AI and players are complete bullet sponges.

5.56mm ammunition seems to take about 4-5 chest shots to kill.
6.5mm caseless ammunition tends to take around 3-4 shots to the chest to kill
7.62x51mm ammunition takes 2-3 shots to kill?
Anything below 9.3mm is ridiculous. None of this is realistic and as a game that prides itself on being a combat simulator you all should be ashamed that this has gone on for so long.

I'm not saying everything should be one shot kill. That might be nice, but it's unrealistic to expect people to play under such circumstances. Two to three shots should be acceptable though, right? It really is completely unacceptable to have to mag dump on full auto to kill an enemy.

EDIT: Since I was told I did not specify which body armor they were wearing, I am talking about the standard/heavy type body armors. But really, does it matter? There's not a plate in the world that can absorb a single hit from .338, and most plates won't stop a single round of 7.62x51, let alone two rounds, not four rounds of 5.56. Plate carriers in game shouldn't magically quadruple the wearer's health, they're not magic, they're ceramic or steel. There should not be any body armor in the game that renders the two main service rifles (really one since the Katiba is just an MX with a new model) completely useless.

Look at king of the hill servers, or at invade and annex servers, and everyone in the game was carrying around a Zafir/Negev before the most recent update where they made the game mode require an extra perk to carry a belt fed, but now you'll be hard pressed to find anyone using anything other than a Cyrus or Navid. This body armor system has turned a previously realistic series into an arcade shooter.


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You did not specify which body armor the targets were wearing. We already have body armor that stops multiple .338 Lapua rounds and considering that Arma3 is set in the near future is not unlikely that soldiers will be wearing better armor.

Shoot anyone without any body armour from any range, they'll die in one shot, from the waist up.

@TakeHomeTheCup That would be great if the standard loadout didn't include a plate carrier that can stop three or four bullets.

AR500 makes some pretty good body armor but i agree it takes way too many shots to kill a person.
Shoot someone in the leg 5 times and see if they're still concious. Plus the crazy twitching and death animations make it even worse.