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Arco Scope Obstruction
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Problem using Arco scope with Zafir 7.62 and CarryAll backpack in the prone supported bipod function after DLC Marksmen update.
When zooming in with the scope there are obstructions: specifically you are seeing part of the Carryall backpack blocking the scope entirely when looking to the right and see a strap of the backpack in the scope when looking left.


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Weapon Stabilization
Steps To Reproduce

Use Zafir 7.62 weapon, seems to only be this weapon affected.
Use Arco Scope and CarryAll backpack, it also happens with next smaller size backpack.
Go Prone, press C to activate bipod function, the zoom in with Arco scope.
Look left and right, partial left obstruction of view, total right obstruction.

Additional Information

I use this set up exclusively. Problem only started occurring after Marksmen DLC update. I just recently purchased the DLC pack in partial hopes the problem would be solved. Still exists 100% of the time. I have taken off all gear and tried each piece at a time, first thinking it could be the tip of a rocket launcher on the back. It is definitely the backpack you are seeing through the scope.
Even oocurs when prone on runways, definitely NOT grass but backpack.

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(RCO scope and backpack (assault pack) blocks your view when deployed with SPMG)

Most definitely not fixed.