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campaing : healing during autosaving = healing was not finished and cant be repeated + i cant enter vehicle
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sry i cant find name of the mission in english but i can translate it fom slovak lang. its part Adapt and 14 mission "recon" (the one where you must kill sniper near kore, destroy enemy check point, kill special forces in syrta and find enemy ka-50 (or what it is :) in forest.
every time when i was healing during autosave then after load this autosave i was not healed and i cant heal again so i must play injured or play again from my save game. + after loading autosave i cant enter any vehicle which i can find... :-/ it happends me 3 times in this mission :D so now i must play it again


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run adapt mission recon. try to kill special forces in syrta or destroy check point on the road and after kill last soldier try to heal .. in few sec. game start to autosave.. after autosave its all ok but when you die and load this autosave you will be injured and cant heal again and you cant enter vehicle.

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if you need some just sent me email :)

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