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Weird damage quirks and inconsistencies in tank damage model
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Tank damage model seems to be underdeveloped or at least quirky, rendering armor on armor gameplay unattractive.

When I placed two tanks on fairly extreme distance from one another, I expected their armor to work and to glance off my shots.
This apparently happens, as tank takes no "visual" and "component" damage, but it still takes the virtual damage, as seen by getDamage command.

I was once able to go through about 5 shots, then reproduced succesfully with 7 shots providing no visible damage on components at all.
Then suddently in next trial of reproducing - target blew up after recieving only 0.15 damage.

Sometimes, uppon penetrating, tank takes really weird damage to tons of components, despite getDamage saying it's as low as 0.15-0.30. Then it blows up after a while.

I don't really know if it's intended or not, but it's certainly an issue - armor doesn't seem to be simulated very well alltogether and sometimes it doesn't feel like it's protecting you good enough, even over range on which it should. One-shot-kills happen too often, making armored gameplay not so enjoyable.

If it's not a bug, please mark it down as a feature request to make the gameplay in armored vehicles more fun.

Thank you :)


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place two tanks over long range (2km or more), to make sure the armor is going to do its job
  2. Try penning one with another using AP round, aiming at the toughest part of angled armor, to make sure it's going to glance off without penetrating
  3. Notice they take damage via getDamage, but they don't take any component damage
  4. Sometimes something weird happens, and even though the damage change is as small as 0.15 the tank blows up for some reason

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