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Revive system does not change parameters in description.ext
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Changing the parameters reviveForceRespawnDelay and reviveBleedOutDelay in the description.ext does nothing.

Workaround is to change default values in the init.sqf. Issue further detailed in post 197 of this forum:

Post 193 of the same forum details the error according to Robalo:

"While trying to figure out why changing the above in description.ext has no effect found the issue using functions viewer. All the parameters are grabbed with similar (faulty) checks to this:

_cfg = missionConfigFile >> "reviveBleedOutDelay";
_time = if (isClass _cfg) then {getNumber _cfg} else {BIS_revive_reviveBleedOutDelayDefault};" {F26183}


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End Game - Revive
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Include new revive system in mission, with:

respawnTemplates[] = {"Revive"};

  1. Change reviveBleedOutDelay = x; or reviveForceRespawnDelay = x; in description.ext.
  1. No change in game. Default values are still applied.
Additional Information

I know this is not a fully released feature yet but detailed by Zipper5 on the BI forums.

Also my first ticket, sorry if in wrong place!

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Fix: replace isClass with isNumber

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Could you please attach a simple repro mission displaying this issue? Thank you.

Have uploaded very simple example mission. Just as described in ticket.

Adam added a comment.May 4 2015, 11:08 AM

Hello, this issue has been scheduled for a fix. Thank you for your feedback.