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Copilot in planes is able to freelook even if he took control
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In a two-seater plane (derived from Plane_Base_F) with a copilot turret, the copilot can always freelook, even if they took over the controls of the plane. This makes the copilot unusable on planes.

Note that the copilot CAN control the plane (joystick works fine), and if you do this on external view, it works as it should (taking controls locks the view behind the plane, just like the pilot). So the only real problem is the inside view.


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You will need a plane with copilot. Unfortunately, no vanilla plane has one. I can provide a subset of CUP for testing, or this addon ( will exhibit the same problem.

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We cannot do anything about this issue since it can only be reproduced by using mods.

Thank you for your feedback

Uhm, not wanting to sound rude, but can't you at least leave the issue as open and unresolved ?