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Respawn Backpacks are not working after JIP
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The respawn backpacks that are introduced with 1.42 marksman dlc are not working correctly after the player is disconnecting from the dedicated server.

  • respawn points are present multiple times although the bag has been assembled again
  • if the bag is disassembled on another location, the player is still respawning on the bags previous location {F26165} {F26166} {F26167}


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Steps To Reproduce

1.) Two players should connect to a dedicated server
2.) dissamble backpack and respawn
3.) respawn at the sleeping bag
4.) now assemble the backpack again and disassemble it somewhere else again
5.) disconnect from the server (not just leaving the mission to lobby, but really disconnecting)
6.) reconnect to the server and respawn again
7.) you will notice multiple respawn points (old and new; yet the player will respawn only on the previous bag location)

Additional Information
  • it has been tested with two players on arma 3 dedicated server 1.42
  • one player owned the marksman DLC (myself), the other player didn't own the dlc
  • both players could assemble/disassemble the respawn backpack (no issue so far)

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picture arma3 2015-04-24 21-36-59-38.jpg is showing the respawn manager: we used 2 backpacks (one blue and one green backpack) + respawn_west marker

picture arma3 2015-04-24 21-38-27-98.jpg is showing the respawn bug after JIP; the is respawning at the black backpack although the sleeping bag had been deployed at the blue sleeping bag's location

Adam added a comment.Apr 27 2015, 9:44 AM


I could not reproduce this issue using your repro mission. Could you please provide more info? Thank you!


I will upload a video on youtube soon. However I think why you can't find the issue. I tested it alone and it worked. However in the first test there were two players. I think it might be some kind of locality issue of the added respawn point!

Can you please check the code for execution on server only?

if (isServer) then {[] spawn {{ [west, _x] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition; forEach []; }; };

Here is the promised video .. the bug kicks in around 3:00

From my point of view the marker location of the player is created locally, not globally. Also the respawn point seems to be created for each player.

Any news regarding this issue? Was the video helpful?