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Garage selections are incomplete and some features are missing
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Currently, in virtual garage, we're unable to access many, many of the hidden good stuff in the game - for starters - we cannot see civilian Zamak textures, NATO Strider textures*, and many other things.

The reason why I was excited for the garage was because I thought I'm gonna be able to change vehicle loadouts, to play around with their weapons, ammo, which unfortunately is impossible for now, so please Bohemia, let us play around with the vehicles more. Last platform update brought so many possibilities with the garage, why limit them?
Allow us to see the hidden textures and selections. Allow us to play around with vehicle weapon loadouts, since it's perfectly possible. I'd be much happier if I could just create my own AA loadout of AAF's jet, without looking through ArmA 3 assets, by just fiddling around in the garage. :)

Hardmode -- just a thought -- probably impossible to implement because of engine limitations:
Allow us to play around with vehicle colours and turrets as well; placing different kinds of these on various vehicles could yield in fun results. For example, we could emplace combined RCWS on the Bobcat, or replace AMV-7's turret with the one coming from AFV-4 Gorgon etc.

  • - see additional info. \A3\soft_f_beta\mrap_03\data\mrap_03_ext_co.paa.


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