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Turn left/right - helicopters vs planes
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Currently, despite the fact of helicopter and airplane controls being differentiated, we cannot set different keybindings for the "turn left"/"turn right" action.

In airplane it steers you roll axis. In helicopter it steers your roll and yaw axis. When flying on the mouse in helicopter, I prefer to use my pedals with Q and E, so I unbind the turn left/right keys to do that and just steer my pitch and roll with the mouse.
But then when I jump into a fixed wing aircraft, I find myself unable to steer my roll using the mouse.


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I had no issues rebinding the controls for "turn left"/"turn right". Try deleting the preset Key for it in controls and binding a single new key to it. Thank you.

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Hi. Excuse me if I worded myself poorly; there is no problem with rebinding them.

The issue is the fact that deleting them from "Helicopter Controls" tab also deletes them from "Plane Controls" tab, which shouldn't be the case since some of the other controls are differentiated.

Examples of proper differentiation between plane and helicopter controls:
(helicopter / airplane)
Cyclic forward / Nose down
Cyclic backward / Nose up
Cyclic left / Bank left
Cyclic right / Bank right
Collective raise / Increase thrust
Collective lower / Decrease thrust

Examples of no differentiation in controls:
Right pedal / Right pedal
Left pedal / Left pedal
Right turn / Right turn
Left turn / Left turn

I hope you understand what's the matter now.

While it was a big problem for me, I managed to find a workaround for this by just unbinding "turn left" completely, and binding my mouse to bank in airplane. Since cyclic controls and bank/pitch controls are different - it is perfectly possible to achieve what I want.
I guess you can close it, since it's possible to have this workaround I just mentioned.

Sorry I took your time - I should think about it earlier.

Adam added a comment.Apr 24 2015, 11:08 AM

Thank you for explaining :)