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Indirect fire weapons don't show current firemode in direct fire mode. Mortar UI suggestions.
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Whenever I use an indirect fire weapon, such as a mortar, I'm unable to tell in which mode I am - short, medium or long. It doesn't show anywhere on the UI.

In regard for increased precission when using artillery without the ballistic computer I would love to see the azimuth shown not only in degrees, but also in angular mils.

Possibility to exit the sighted mode from mortar in order to maintain better situational awarness and look around with free look would also be a good feature to implement, as it is currently impossible in 1st person view. You can do it in 3rd person view though. {F26162} {F26163}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place a mortar unit in editor
  2. Look through the direct fire aiming module
  3. Press "F" to cycle through firemodes
  4. Note they're changing, but you're unable to tell if you're using "short", "medium", or "long" fire mode.

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